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All These Stretched Places

Austyn Elizabeth & I have been through a lot of ISH in our almost-five years together...

&, y’all, I KNOW that I would be SO NERVOUS about adding another little lady to our club... IF I hadn’t already been through the time I’ll lovingly refer to as my “immense heart expansion.” 🤗

Many moms of seconds worry that they won’t be able to love the next kiddo as much as the first. That they would be able to create as strong of a bond with another babe. 👶🏼

But, you guys, I’ve been through this before.

When Jay came into my life I was SO FREAKED OUT about the level of “like” I was feeling toward him that I almost cut him off altogether. 😬

I was HAPPY being a single mom & I was finally rocking it, owning it & STOKED about a future with this girl alone! 👍🏼

Adding another love to my life felt downright SCARY... and I had NO IDEA if there was room in my soul for another mate. I had so much love for Nick, so much respect & he took up the WHOLE THING. So, WHERE IN THE WORLD would Jay fit in?! 😕

What I hadn’t realized at the time & took me quite a few counseling sessions & a good length of time to discover... was that, when you add new love to your life, the OLD loves don’t have to occupy less space.

Something FAR more magical happens... Your heart GROWS.

Your capacity for love INCREASES. ✨

I’ve lost two little babes before they’re beating hearts came bursting into this world. I’ve lost my first lover, my first partner, my first everything.

But, I’m taking Brave steps forward anyway, every day. ALLOWING my heart to expand & TRUSTING that there’s room enough for all of us.

& you guys... it’s DANG EXCITING to see Austyn do the same. She’s not fearful of “not enough.” No mindsets of scarcity around here.

Just like her momma, she’s believing in ABUNDANCE & dannngit, I couldn’t be more proud! 😍

“Mommy... I already love this little baby SO MUCH! AND, Mom!! I know she loves me, too!”

“How do you know that baby girl?”

“Because she already knows me. She kicks me to say I love you back!“ 💕

As my belly expands, so does my heart... so does MY UNIVERSE.

And, Lord knows, I’m thankful for ALLL of these stretched places. 🙏🏼

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