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She Wrote the Book on It

220+ pages. A full manuscript. Granted, it's just a draft and my editor has some work to do... but did I actually EVER expect to finish this thing before the beginning of the year? I didn't. But, I did expect God to help me get there. Let me tell you why... because He told me He would. While usually its the beginning of the year that brings a gush of people talking about their biggest dreams, goals, and aspirations… this crazy goal to get my book manuscript ready by Christmas came upon me at the tail end of 2017. I didn't set this goal because I felt like it was the right time or because I felt particularly inspired to make things happen, but honestly because I heard a “go on, now” from the universe. At first, this confused the crap out of me. He said, “It’s time.” I thought, Really? NOW?! Are you CRAY or somethin? I’m pregnant. The holidays are coming. We are so busy! We were in the thick of the fastest growing season of our business to date, so far January has proved to be even crazier though. I was 4 months pregnant with our second child. We were trying to grow our marriage from the toddler thing that it is into a full blossoming relationship. I questioned the timing HARD. But, I heard it again. “It’s time.” So… I switched tactics. Instead, I started questioning my talent. I can’t do this. I’m not good enough. I can’t write a book. A response came swift and sure and I broke down right there, crying on the floor. Because every one of my excuses had vanished in an instant with these words: “You can’t. You’re right. But… I can.” That shut me up pretty quick. I stopped complaining. Stopped doubting. Stopped telling myself all the reasons it wouldn’t work. And, instead remembered all the reasons that it COULD. I decided I would find all the reasons it WOULD. Instead of planning on writing a book, I said it aloud. “I am writing a book” and, then… Despite my doubts and despite my worries, I took the first step forward. And, just as so many of the beautiful adventures in my life this last decade have started… I kept moving. One day. One step at a time. My big, hairy, audacious goal at the end of September was to finish my manuscript by Christmas. I knew the chances were slim but I also knew I had the God of the Universe on my side - and that, my friends, is like possessing a freaking SUPER POWER. It’s like having miracles On Demand. I didn’t look too much at the gap, the distance between me and where I wanted to be. The blank page that I needed to turn into 70,000+ words. Instead, I worked on my book one day, one week at a time. Words became paragraphs, paragraphs became pages, pages became chapters… my story poured forth and pooled. And, lo & behold, I sent a full manuscript to my editor in December. Going after big dreams takes heart, it takes guts, it takes courage...But, mostly it just takes MOVEMENT. It’s scary to move, isn’t it? Scary to dream big? To put yourself out there? To take the leap? To actually be brave? But, miracles have never been born from fear. Miracles are born when we move in spite of our fear. And, every day, that’s what I keep doing. 1-2-step. I’ve had a few offers from some smaller publishers, but I’m waiting for that divine nudge towards a specific contract, and so far I haven’t found it. You might say I’m being picky... And, if you did, you’d be right. The book WILL be published this year. I have no doubts. But, I’m not going to force it. I’ve learned to trust that little voice that told me “he’s the one…” (twice). The voice that spoke so very clearly in December that it was "time.” And, the very same voice that I know will tell me “YES! THIS is the team you are meant to work with for your book!” I know so many of you have been asking for a timeline. And, friends, we are making HUGE LEAPS toward an actual date that y'all will get your hands on this here story. But, its gonna take a little bit more patience YES, I have the completed manuscript and YES you can have a glass of champagne for me to celebrate (because I’m 7 months pregnant)! But, we’ve still got a ways to go. It could be a few months, it might be more. But, one thing is for sure… when I hold that book in my hands for the first time, when I store away a special copy for my little girl... the one that tells the story of how her mom met her biological dad, of her mommy's transformation and journey back to faith, and of how God gave her another daddy here on earth… The waiting. The listening. The work. All the NO's. And, the YES's....ALL of IT will all be worth it. I believe in living the BRAVE life I know we are all called to. Not because I have the power or some special secret store of courage. But, because He does. What about you? What thing is He calling you to that scares you? Maybe, just maybe, like me, you need to stop making it about YOU and what you can't do, and, instead, you just need to trust Him with the HOW? xoxo, Alyssa Galios PS. Get your friends and family on this bandwagon! Have them subscribe at ;)

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