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What it takes.

Growing up, we had our own plans, yeah... We were pretty motivated, sure... But, did I ever think I would be running an online fitness business with my SISTER?! 😂 HECK NO!!

If you had told us back then that THIS is what we would be doing now, we would have laughed our faces off. Because... WHAT?! I was going to SLAY the corporate world THEN write and she was going to TEACH! 💁🏼‍♀️

And what do you know? We followed our respective paths but eventually we BOTH asked:

“IS THIS IT?!” Is this all there is?! 🤔

Paying off student loans, struggling to save month after month, doing lots and lots of work to hustle to the top, only to have the outcome of YOUR career & your family’s well-being firmly planted in someone else’s hands?!🙊

I’m so freaking glad I took the leap to TRY an online fitness group... even though I had no idea what it was!! Because, though I didn’t know at the time that there was even a business side of this involved... I KNEW I needed MORE. 🤗

NOW, my lil sis and I both live our passions, writing & teaching, but we ALSO have added a new passion - LOVING on OURSELVES & teaching others how to take care of themselves, too!! 💪🏼

We now get to see the impact of our work EVERY SINGLE DAY, be surrounded by INTENSELY INCREDIBLE people who encourage and support us, & make money that we wouldn’t have previously even dreamed would be possible from a “side biz.” 😍

What makes someone a successful coach on the Made for Brave Fitness team? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Hustle & HEART. It’s as simple as that. Bring BOTH to the table CONSISTENTLY over time, be ready to learn, & STOKED for all the lives you can make an impact on! 🏋🏻‍♀️ Pretty dang simple actually...

THIS GIRL right here has done the above CONSISTENTLY for a year and helped AT LEAST 3 new people each month get started on their own health & fitness journeys!! 😍

She’s not the first person in our coaching fam to achieve this milestone by any means, BUT, along with being in our Fit Fam.... she’s my actual SISTER! So I HAD to take a second to shout her out. 🎉

And I couldn’t be MORE PROUD of her for the lives she is touching & inspiring after getting her own health in order!! 😍 It’s so incredibly motivational to see someone shoot for the stars, show up for HERSELF & her team in such a REAL & AUTHENTIC WAY & achieve goal after goal!! 💁

Kinslee Elizabeth, I’m so freaking proud of you sis & the ripple effect you are making on so many people’s health, mind body & soul! ✨

CONGRATS, ALL-STAR! You deserve all the good you got comin your way!!🍾

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