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Miracles do happen...

I’m no stranger to the way things COULD have gone with this pregnancy...

Approaching 39 WEEKS according to my original due date. And, I *might* have woken up this morning pregnant (still) & told Jay, “At this rate, I think I’ll be pregnant FOREVER” & been completely serious. 😂

But y’all, I CANNOT complain. I feel AMAZING, I’m still working out & though I’ve been mighty tired the last few days, I’m OVERWHELMED with GRATITUDE for the life within me. 💕

I’m no stranger to loss, my friends. I’m no stranger to an empty home. To an empty womb. An empty bed. Or an empty heart.

I remember ALL the days and months where seeing pics of pregnant women or running into them at the store or hearing yet another friend or family member had easily conceived... it just hurt deep inside SO MUCH. 😭

I KNOW there are women out there who read my posts & see my pictures & maybe wonder if their lives will ever resemble the dreams they once had that have been shattered.

I’m here to tell you that, though your prayers might not be answered in the way you’ve hoped for, they ARE being heard & that, IF you believe... there’s a plan in place, an ETERNAL one, that will fulfill the desires within you that YOU haven’t even identified yet. 👌🏼

HOLD ON, my friends. Life’s a little unsteady, it can be a little unsettling, and sometimes downright cruel, but in the end, I believe it will ABSOLUTELY be 100% WORTH IT! 🙌🏼

Oh, &, just so you know... MIRACLES. DO. HAPPEN. ✨

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