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Full-time family life started with a dream..

“And, when will Dad be going back to work?” the nurse asked. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Jay offered the answer with a smile, “Oh, I won’t... We both work from home.” It’s been almost a year since Jay came home from the corporate world to work with me. And now, we both work when we want, from where we want, on WHAT we want, with who we want. How INCREDIBLE is that? 😭 This full time family life didn’t come easy, though, I assure you. I dreamed of this world for YEARS. Ever since my first husband Nick was diagnosed with cancer, he and I started looking beyond the walls of society that confined us. 😷 We began DREAMING of the life we would want to live. A life WE designed. Not dictated by income from jobs we hated but steered by passion & fueled by love for our family. ❤️ When he was granted remission with the words “cancer free” stamped across his chart, we started working our tails off. One step at a time. I found a job I could do from home. Less money, but one I was passionate about. And he went to work every day and studied every night, working to open up his own business as a bail enforcement agent since being a police officer (his childhood dream) was no longer an option. And, his own business, we decided, would grant us more time freedoms anyway. 💯 He earned his badge, we established his llc, we had a five year plan that would allow me to eventually write (my lifelong dream). And then I got pregnant. And THEN... his cancer came back. 😥 It’s crazy to me all that has happened in my professional career since that time. When Nick passed and it was just me & baby, I transitioned to being a contractor so that i could have flexible hours, then I moved to Florida and launched my own writing business, next (with what I thought was a totally unrelated move) I discovered (FINALLY) a way to keep myself healthy that I wished I had discovered back BEFORE Nick ever got sick, & then.... in a crazy turn of events I ended up finding out that being my best self & SHARING that JOURNEY(because health is NEVER a destination) & loving on people could become a LIFE ALTERING business that not only allows me to write every day about what I’m passionate about but ALSO afforded me the time to write my first book in less than three months... 🙌🏼 It all just blows my mind. As a single mom, I was able to make Nick and I’s dream sort of happen, for the most part. I was there for Austyn every day, she didn’t have to go to daycare. I worked from home, but the work I did... writing about things I wasn’t passionate about... that part, just never felt right. I was partway there but not quite. And, I knew it couldn’t go on forever. 😬 But it was a step in the right direction. And literally every step, even the ones that didn’t feel like they were moving me forward, WERE. NEVER did I imagine a career would come of something I enjoyed... NEVER did I actually believe it would give my family everything we need & more. And most important of all, NEVER did I realize that I would be blessed with all this TIME. Time to love. 💕 Time to write. 📝 Time to make every day COUNT. 🙏🏼 Adapting to life as a family of four has its challenges of course but I’m grateful for every one of them. And SO GRATEFUL that we have TIME to figure it out. Because not too long ago... >> I was a working single mom with a lofty dream and absolutely no clue how I would make it happen. LOTS of hard work & BIG TRUST in God got us to this point... but, dang, I’m so glad I never gave up on that dream, even when it felt like that dream had given up on me. ✨ ————————————————————- I’m taking time away from my messages but y’all have to know, I’ll be getting right back to your questions on our online fit tribes &/or about joining our team as soon as I‘m back in action!! 🤗Because I’m DANG passionate about living life to the fullest... whatever THAT means to you... & we are determined to help as many people do that as possible. 👌🏼 #GaliosHouse #MadeforBrave

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