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Let's be brave together!

👉COMMITMENT. 👈 People who ACHIEVE their goals DO NOT have it EASIER than you. In fact, many of them have had it WORSE. 🙊 We ALL have BAD days, BAD months, even BAD years... but the GOOD STUFF?? The GOOD STUFF only comes AFTER they've allowed yourself to go through and GROW THROUGH the hard times. When you COMMIT. NO. MATTER. WHAT. COMMITMENT is required if you want to change your health or your body. 🏋️‍♀️ Too many of us start a new program and check for abs on Day 2 or Day 7 or Day 20 and then throw in the towel. That's not how it works, boo. Never has, never will. COMMITMENT is required if you want to heal your heart and your soul. 🧘‍♀️ You don't spend a few weeks diving into study or looking for answers and then give up because you haven't stumbled upon them. You KEEP TRYING, even on the days when it feels like you are taking two steps back. 💋 COMMITMENT is absolutely NECESSARY if you want to be a successful business owner or entrepreneur. 👩‍💻You WILL have days that DON'T feel good, you will have days where you wish you had a job that you could "leave at work" but, the REWARD is SO WORTH the sacrifices, but only if you hold on long enough to grasp them. 🤝 Our TEAM, that started out with JUST myself & a DREAM. A dream to help other women gain FREEDOM from health issues & FREEDOM from worry... We are achieving goals left and RIGHT. 💃 Made for Brave is currently ranked at TEAM #151 out of over half a MILLION coaching teams & we are shooting to finish the year in the top 100!!! COMMITMENT got us HERE. 🤗 HOLY CRAPPOLA, you guys, I am PUMPED about this because it just shows how many lives we truly are TOUCHING & CHANGING!!! << But, don't for a SECOND think we started out this way!! NOPE. 🙅‍♀️ WE ALL start at the bottom my friends. The ONLY difference is the people on top didn't give up. 🏃‍♀️ #MadeforBrave

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