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Saying thanks

Knowing today was Monday, Austyn sat at the dinner table last night & told us how excited she was for school & for swim lessons. But we explained it’s a holiday so there wouldn’t be any of either. 🤷🏼‍♀️ “What kind of holiday?” She had asked. “Well, it’s a holiday to think about & thank all of the men & women who protect our country to make sure we are all safe. Some of them gave up everything to stand up for what they believed in. So, we are honoring them by taking a day of rest & reflection tomorrow.” “Oh... mom... what’s ‘re-frection?’ Like looking in a mirror?” 🤔 I wasn’t sure which part of the convo stuck... Until today. “I woke up & I said thank you to the man & the woman who saved us...” This was my five year old’s response when I asked her how she slept this morning. (Don’t worry, I told her it’s not just ONE man & ONE woman but thousands.) ETERNALLY grateful for the Brave souls that show us what real conviction looks like. Praying today, especially for the families of the men & women who have paid the ultimate price to “save us.” 🇺🇸 #forevergrateful

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