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Sharing the JUICY DEETS!!

OH MY HECK YOU GUYS!! 😭 I have things I HAVE to update y’all on but I just haven’t had half a second to write it all out! It’s been THAT busy but in the BEST WAYS EVER! ✨

Gonna STEAL this moment right here while the kids are asleep in the car to give you guys all the JUICY DEETS!! 😍

— 😍 —

#1. Our Made for Brave biz just passed some INSANE income milestones & I’m OUT-OF-MY-MIND thankful for all of the blessings this coaching opportunity has brought to me & my fam!!!

SO GRATEFUL that in this biz, your income directly reflects the number of people you HELP get real results!! To think I almost said NO to joining a fit tribe because I thought it was going to be a sketchy internet business “opportunity” like the ones I’d been approached about in the past!! 😂

— 😍 —

#2. Also, I am SO ACTIVE on my Instagram stories these days & Im loving how many of you are jumping over there with me!! It’s just SO FUN to share little bits of life with you on a daily basis!!! 🎥

THANK YOU for all of you that participated in my “Ask Me Anything” segment! Loving the variety of questions! 😂 The next one “How did you come up with Emery’s name?” is one of my faves!! 💕

— 📕—

#3. Been working with my editor to finish up the devotionals at the end of every chapter of my book! I want y’all to walk away not just with the details of my story but hopefully a way for you to APPLY the BRAVE to your own life!! 💯

I’m still grappling with whether or not I should self publish or find an agent to help me get the kind of publisher I know this book deserves! ✨ Either way, be praying for HIS direction because I know something EPIC is in store! Get your name on THIS LIST if you haven’t already so you always have the inside scoop!🍦>> alyssagalios .com/book

Ok, I think that’s it for now! Plus, the kids are stirrin!! 😝 Couldn’t thank each & every one of you enough for your friendship & support! Been feeling extra emotional these days & all sorts of thankful & I hope you know that you are so loved & appreciated by my family, past & present! 😭🙏🏼😍

HAPPY SATURDAY, y’all!! Hope it’s a MAGICAL one!! 🦄 xo

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