Nick always said he believed in me. God always whispered I was worthy. But, it was only a few years ago that I finally started believing them. 💕

When I started this business two years ago, I KNEW I was meant for MORE. I KNEW that I was going to give it my ALL. Excuse my French but, I knew I was done half ass-ing things, you guys!!

I knew I was being called to start putting in REAL EFFORT in every area of my life. 🍑 Because what’s the point in only kind-of, sort-of trying??

After I saw what these fitness tribes did for my attitude, my health, my hope, my relationships, & my spirituality - there was NO turning back!! I KNEW this could really IMPACT other people’s lives for the better!! & I was determined to help other people live HEALTHIER & HAPPIER lives too!!

So, I put my BLINDERS on & got to WORK. AND, I’ve been showing up again & again & doing my ABSOLUTE BEST since Day 1.

>> Back when this team was JUST ME & we were in the BOTTOM .01%. 😜

We’ve now helped HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS of people get to the point with their health & fitness where they can actually start LIVING up to their POTENTIAL!

BECAUSE of ALL the work our team has done to help people achieve the HEALTHY LIFESTYLE they were aiming for.... OUR TEAM is RANKED in the TOP .01% of the COMPANY!! #unicornstatus