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One Life to Live

“If you’re lucky.... you have six months left. I’m so sorry.”

The doctor was looking at his hands. He was speaking to my best friend. My 26 year old husband. I was clutching my stomach with one hand & Nicks arm with the other. The room started spinning & right into my heart rushed a FLOOD of regrets.

We hadn’t taken a vacation since our honeymoon. We were working 60-80 hours per week. We were commuting an hour each way. I was 15 weeks PREGNANT.

You know what moments like that do to you? They can break you, if you let them. They can consume you. Or, they can push you to FREAKING CHANGE before it’s too late.

Nick & I spent 15 more months together. We made changes. We freaking LIVED while his body slowly deteriorated. He passed away in my arms at 27 years old. He never got to see his baby girl take her first steps. Missed it by a month.

When I wake up in the mornings, it’s no longer about whether or not I really WANT to get out of bed. It’s not about what I want anymore really at all. It’s about KNOWING I’ve been given a gift & being determined as crap to USE IT.

My life isn’t an obligation. It’s a PRIVILEGE. I’ve made it to 30. Nick didn’t. And a lot of other people haven’t. I’m not going to sit around & waste mine... when they didn’t even GET theirs.

Planning on chasing those dreams, living it up & loving harder once you ______ (insert “get that job,” “get married,” “buy a house,” etc)____? Think again, my friend.

You won’t always get tomorrow. And if that thought scares you... then let it MOTIVATE you to Make. That. Freaking. Change.

One life to live, y’all. Make. It. Count.

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