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Looking for TEN LADIES!!!


Did you MISS it last month?!?!! 😬

Spots were literally FULL within 48 hours! THESE SUCKERS go SO DANG FAST!! But, now is YOUR chance to get in for AUGUST!! 😍

I’m looking for TEN LADIES who are looking to get FIT for summer & still have a life, go to all the BBQ’s & still do all the fun shtuff, too! ⁣💯 ⁣ Our team has EARLY ACCESS to one of the most incredible programs to be released this fall!!! ⁣ ⁣ • All new workouts. • FOUR DAYS A WEEK. 😍⁣ • 30-40 minutes a day!!! ✨⁣ • HIIT, LIFT & CORE!!⁣ ⁣ The rest of my summer is SO BUSY with weddings, trips, camping, BBQ’s, celebrations, & my hubby & I’s intentional date nights. And, I don’t know about you, but a four day a week program is like an answer to PRAYER!! ⁣ If you’re willing to commit to 60 days of healthy - but balanced - eating, 4 short workouts a week that you can do from ANYWHERE, plus a CHEAT MEAL then let me know! ⁣ Comment below “I’m interested!” or message me if you want in on the deets!!

Let’s see if this might be YOUR PERFECT opportunity to close out summer with a BANG!! 💕

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