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Bruised, but I am FREE!!

For so many years I worried so much about what other people thought about me.

I didn’t always share my heart on social media or even in person because I wasn’t sure if what I thought or what I believed or the stories that I’ve THRIVED THROUGH would make other people uncomfortable.

But, as the distance between me & my Creator deteriorated, I realized something... I was given this story, these experiences & THIS platform for a reason. And I am MEANT to share them.

What I went through with Nick and what I go through every day now as a wife, a widow, a momtrepreneur & a writer... ALL of it, I believe.... ALL OF IT is worth sharing. EVEN these ridiculously happy parts, because I was bold enough to share my unbelievably hard parts with you, too.

Life is so much of SO MANY things, my friends. And so are we. We are not just ONE thing. We are multi-faceted, beautiful human beings with complex emotions and countless experiences and hundreds of points of influence. You are not one thing.

You can be soft AND you can be successful. You can be courageous AND you can be a little scared. You can be vulnerable AND you can be INVINCIBLE.

YOU are not one thing, my friend. And, neither am I.

I am bruised, but I am FREE!!

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