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To Dream Big is NOT Comfortable

I used to assume that people who set BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS automatically felt good about them. I imagined that the Beyoncé’s of the world would set a BIG-for-them goal & then walk around strutting their stuff.... instead of stating their big goal & clinging to the toilet like me.

I assumed that these rockstar people would walk around saying things like “I’m going to impact a million people,” or “I’m going to be on the New York Times Bestseller list,” or “I’m going to quadruple my numbers next quarter.....” & then feel automatically EMPOWERED.

BUT, I’ve come to realize that EXACTLY the opposite is true. Setting BIG GOALS challenges each of us in ways we couldn’t possibly imagine. Because, what makes something a “BIG GOAL” is not how it compares to other people & what they’ve done but that it’s something that YOU have never done before. MY big goal when I started coaching was to help 5 people a month get started on their health journey. And that was SCARY for me at the time. This July, I helped 40. & you know what? THAT goal was super scary at first. Until I achieved it.

I think that ALL of us, when going for something we’ve never done before... feel a little bit like we are going to throw up. (And if you’re goals don’t make you even a little bit queasy, might I suggest that they probably aren’t big enough?)

It DOES NOT feel comfortable or cozy to dream big. NOT. AT. ALL. It actually feels a lot like that part of a roller coaster where you’re at the tippy top & then suddenly you DROP! Scary as heck, but also crazy exhilarating.

What we are capable of as human beings connected to an abundant Creator is literally LIMITLESS. And the sooner we realize that & set our goals accordingly... the sooner we will reach our potential.

What MAKES-ME-WANT-TO-PUKE GOAL are you going after this month or this year?!

>> Share in the comments below & don’t be surprised if you get a pump up Voice Message from me, cheering you on!!! ✨

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