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Here We Are

2 years ago, THIS wasn’t possible in my WILDEST dreams.YOU GUYS!!

Don’t get me wrong... I was THRILLED when I no longer had to write blog posts for other companies to pay the bills. And, I was ECSTATIC when I brought my husband home from his full time corporate job!! But, the feeling was something else ENTIRELY when my little sister retired herself from her full time teaching gig at the age 26!! 😍

I NEVER thought Kinslee & I would be leading our own team of over 450 coaches & I definitely NEVER thought we would be leading a call together to train a team of over 2,000. NEVER in a million bajillion years.

And, yet, here we are... doin the dang thing.

I couldn’t be more blessed to get to help people work toward their goals and become better, more fulfilled & healthier versions of themselves with my two best friends by my side.

The MAIN feel right now?? Unapologetically & Undeniably FOREVER Grateful.

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