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You Have to Start Somewhere

Sitting here planning our upcoming trip to Vegas with my hubby & best friend for an INCREDIBLE LEADERSHIP conference for some of the top coaches in our biz & I CANNOT STOP thinking about I where I was just two short years ago.

Before I began coaching, when I was just a challenger in ANOTHER coach’s Fit Tribe & when I realized she got PAID to run them... At first I was stoked!! “WHAT?! How do you get paid for this?! Tell me everything!” But, then my imposter syndrome kicked in. Suddenly, I felt like there was NO WAY I was cut out for the job. I started listing all the things that could go wrong with my not-yet-existing business, instead of thinking about what could go right. 😳

EVENTUALLY, I decided to go for it anyway but how I WISH I had dived in even sooner! Who knows how many lives I missed changing because I was selfishly concerned with my own failure?!

Before I started my online business, I was SO WORRIED about what people would think. I was so scared to take the leap because I was afraid someone might see me fail! 😬

But, DANNNNG, I am SO glad that I decided to go for it anyway. If I hadn’t even tried, my life would be insanely different right now. I honestly can’t even imagine.🙉

If you are looking for change, you HAVE to start somewhere & you HAVE to give up the negative talk, y’all. Sure, you might fail, but... you also might just SUCCEED beyond your wildest dreams!!

Last year there were just over 100 teams that went ELITE out of over 400,000... And THIS YEAR, our Made for Brave team has already lockef ELITE in & we aren’t even done yet!! 😍 Ranked number 91 in such a HUGE team is a freaking HONOR.

I can’t tell you guys HOW MUCH our team means to me, how much like FAMILY the members of our Fit Tribes have become... it’s freaking INCREDIBLE!! We do hard WORK in these groups & as entrepreneurs but I wouldn’t give it up for the world!! 💕

Oh, & the next 4 trips coming up these next six-ish months... to Vegas, to Florida, to San Diego, to the Bahamas... YEAH, I won’t complain about those either. ☺️

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