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Answer To My Prayers

If you know me at all, you know that there aren’t many times in my life I am rendered speechless.

But, whenever I try to sum up my ever evolving relationship with this man... or the way that he makes me feel... or the depth of his love for Jesus & for our people, all people... I find myself lacking.

He stands firmly by my side, as loyal as they come. He reminds me of what matters in the long run when I get caught up in what the day has brought. He serves our family endlessly & selflessly. He’s not threatened easily. He’s steady. He’s confident.

He aims to be the best dad to our kids & ensures that Austyn never forgets about Nick. He’s not too proud to change Em’s diapers or too busy to take me on dates. He‘s the best cook & the best at tickle fights with our girls... the list goes on and on.

Jay, it’s impossible to describe all the ways you were the answer to my prayers. You are an indescribable miracle in my life. & I am forever unapologetically GRATEFUL.

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