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Loving this "test drive"

DAY TWELVE of the new program I’ve been honored to get to “test drive” for y’all & I am ABSOLUTELY loving it. So far, I can say that I’m feeling stronger, leaner & MORE POWERFUL. Not just in body, but in mind & soul (where it really counts)! ⁣ I’m amazed at what COMMITMENT can do with programs like these. The old me would have said “I’m going on vacation, I’ll restart when I return.” But, then these fit tribes happened and my whole outlook shifted. 💯⁣ LIFESTYLE doesn’t stop y’all & it’s crazy how amazing it feels to feel GOOD on vacation instead of bloated & like I need to get back on a “wagon.” I’m NEVER perfect at following meal plans by any means, because I’m a HUMAN, but knowing the ins and outs & having everything SIMPLIFIED so that I don’t ever have to diet or read into the latest food trend makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world!!

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