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That’s a WRAP!!

That’s a WRAP!! The Leadership Retreat in Vegas this weekend was an absolute blast & we are somehow walking away with an even greater sense of purpose & fiercer determination to help others.

What’s MOST incredible about this life we lead now, this relationship between Jay & I, this business we’ve created, & this intention to stay connected to our Creator all the while is this FACT right here: it doesn’t just look good from the outside. It FEELS REALLY DANG GOOD on the inside.

There are a million and one ways to love this life. And, just as many ways to build this coaching business. Full time, part time, or just during nap-time... looking to create a residual side income or a full fledged career but what matters more than the how, I think, is the WHY. And, for me, that why is definitely the FULFILLMENT factor. Building our business and helping others build theirs in a way that sustains us, helps us, and propels us forward, in all areas of life. A business that works FOR & POUR into us so that we can pour into others.

So dang grateful for everything this coaching opportunity has provided our family and more determined than ever to pay it forward in an even more intentional way. Because more people deserve to live a life that doesn’t just look good on the outside but feels that good, too. 💕

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