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Adoption Day Anniversary

Wednesday marked two years officially. TWO YEARS since Jay adopted my oldest. And, my heart is BURSTING!

I know one day, Austyn will cherish the story I’m recounting in my book. Because, our story is one of redemption, of failure, of second chances, of love and loss. And, it’s really almost just as much her story as it is mine. It’s the story of HOW she came about & ended up with TWO incredible dads.

Why I had to lose her 27 year old dad to cancer when she was just 9 months old, I will never know... But, the crazy blessings that have come ever since I finally SURRENDERED to the bigger picture and the One who made it are too numerous to count.

It takes a strong man to love a strong woman... but it takes hulk-level super-strength to decide to love TWO.

And, that’s exactly what you did, babe. Your girls love you more than you will ever know Jay Galios. We are so incredibly blessed to be yours. 💕

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