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Entrepreneur Life

Entrepreneur life definitely isn’t for everybody. And, I would be doing it a disservice if I acted like it was. But, for me and my family, I can tell you that we would rather work for a little bit on vacation and be able to go VACAY whenever we want, at a moment’s notice, for as long as we want... than work 40-50 hours a week & have our bosses tell us how many weeks we get off a year and when. Also, it should be noted, that when you’re passionate about the business you run, “work” rarely feels like it used to. SOME DAYS it’s definitely a GRIND, but more often than not, especially the longer that you’re at it, it’s more of a FLOW. Quick little work sesh by the pool after our workouts this morning to check in with our November Fit Tribe & watch them ROCKING this month’s challenge. Feeling SO DANG BLESSED by this life, by my God, & by my past self - who wasn’t afraid to say YES to her dreams. ✨⁣ If you’re wondering if you should go for it... YES, I DEFINITELY think you should!

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