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Little Did I Know...

WOKE UP YESTERDAY to find our HIGHEST PAYCHECK from our online coaching business today. AGAIN.

AND, you guys. We mainly feel crazy HUMBLE, crazy GRATEFUL, but also pretty freaking PROUD.

It’s INSANE to think that I get to help people discover a better, more healthier & more fulfilled version of themselves FULL TIME now. Even cRaZiEr to think that my husband does it full time with me. That we can work whenever we want from literally wherever we have WiFi.

But, this opportunity didn’t just fall into our lap. Okay, okay.... actually the opportunity kind of did. I just saw a random post like this on FB & decided to take the leap. Mostly out of desperation. I was a single widowed mom. My husband had died of cancer when our daughter was 9 months old. I was battling an auto immune disease, & was so dang tired by 3pm every day. As a 28 year old, I decided that was NOT. OKAY.

I was willing to TRY everything. Anything. (With the exception of anything unhealthy of course. I did my research on Nick’s cancer and there was no way I was going to load up on 4 hour energies every day. I wanted to get to the ROOT of the issue.)

So, I signed up for an online fit tribe/boot camp/accountability group thingy... LITTLE DID I KNOW that it would actually WORK. That I would fall in LOVE with the workouts, the programs, the community, the whole foods meal plan, the healthy lifestyle & my results. LITTLE DID I KNOW I would lose two dress sizes in the process, gain all my energy back & then some, start sleeping better, AND kick my auto immune disease to the curb.

I was thrilled, so I decided to start paying it all forward. To start sharing what this did for me. And, eventually, about a year later, I realized that this could be an actual business, not just a hobby & something clicked. I decided to start treating it like a 6 figure business... and, Lo & Behold, 18 months later... it IS.

We’ve worked our butts off LOVING ON this tribe, this community & most of the time, it’s just a whole lot of FUN! Sometimes though (because I’m still human y’all), I don’t feel like figuring out a complicated spreadsheet or responding to messages at night because I spent the day with my fam. But, y’all, at the end of all this, it’s ENTIRELY worth it & not because of why you might think.

It’s not the TRIPS. It’s not the MONEY. It’s not the FREEDOM.

(Though all of those things are amazing in their own right...)

It’s the LESSONS we’ve learned along the way. A hard work ethic & a huge heart go a long way here, folks.

Remember, the dream is ALWAYS FREE. But the hustle is sold separately.

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