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Punch Cancer in the Face


It’s what my shirt says. And it’s absolutely something I wish I could do.

I remember back when Nick first got sick, I felt so so amped up & ready to FIGHT. My personality type is loyal to a fault. Anything messes with my friends or the people I love & I will do ANYTHING to make sure they are safe & protected. It’s just my NATURE. I literally feel like I can’t help it.

But, with cancer, it’s so dang hard. Because the disease seems invisible. Your villain is hidden, buried in the body of a person you love. You want to punch, fight, kick, scream... GO. TO. WAR. But, instead you’re forced to sit idly next to the one doing all the fighting, silently receiving blow after blow with them in the doctors office, in their hospital room, next to their bedside.

You know those nightmares where you feel like a monster is chasing you but you’re frozen in place? You want to scream & you open your mouth but NOTHING comes out?

THAT is what it feels like watching your loved one die of cancer. It feels like a nightmare. It feels like fighting on one foot with your hands tied behind your back & a gag around your mouth.

I’m thirty one years old. And I’ve already lost WAY TOO MANY young people to cancer. My late husband Nick who passed away at 27 years old. Shonda who I met before Nick ever even got sick, who lost her fight to colon cancer. & my dear friend Dawn who I met because she shared in a similar diagnosis to Nick.

&, now, a sweet friend I met through our coaching team Brittany is in the fight for her life.

All I want to do, y’all, is FIGHT cancer back. But... there’s no where for me to PUNCH. Cancer doesn’t have a face.

Here’s the ONLY THING I’ve figured out how to do... help people get so IN TUNE with their body, so ALIGNED, so in FLOW with their energy, their god given LIFE that they can either PREVENT these diseases, put off their onset OR plain be so much more AWARE when something feels off because they actually KNOW what it felt like to be healthy.

The driving force behind what I do every day isn’t to look at the scale and be happy (though that’s often a by-product of what I do)... the driving force is, essentially ME finally kicking CANCER where it hurts.

I’m an online health & fitness coach but I don’t actually LOVE working out. Never have. I’ve found ways to make it fun though & with the accountability of our fit tribes, I NEVER miss a day.

THIS morning’s 20 minute workout wasn’t something I wanted to do. As a business owning momma at Christmas time, you can BET I had a million and one things on my to do list, but I was NOT going to let it slide.

In my world, you TAKE CARE if you’re body when you are able. Because I’ve seen how easy it is to get to a place where you aren’t.

Every life we touch at Made for Brave Fitness is like another jab... &. We. Won’t. Stop. 💯

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