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It’s About YOU

I define success so much differently than I used to. And, DANNNG, I am SO GLAD I’m clear on what success means to ME now. ⁣ To some women, success is making a million dollars and traveling across the globe. To some, it’s staying home and raising a family. To others, it’s building an empire from home. To some, it’s all of the above. There IS no wrong answer here but make sure you think this through and re-evaluate OFTEN or you might find yourself going through the motions and doing something with your life that you didn’t really even want to do in the first place. 😬⁣ Going through the motions had me as a COO by the age of 24, making near six figures in the startup world & working 50+ hours a week. I had a big house, a hot husband (( who worked just as hard for big ole paychecks too )), & all the options in the world, financially. But, I wasn’t happy at the end of the day. In fact, I was more miserable than I’d ever been. And it’s because I was living someone else’s version of success. ⁣ It’s SO important to define success on your OWN TERMS. So many of us (too many of us) get caught up in what other people think, on OTHER people’s versions of success. But it’s not about them. It’s about YOU. ⁣ YOU are the only one that has to live your life so figure out what you want & go after it, babe. There’s no one stopping you but you. ⁣ Everybody is only living the life they put up with. What are you putting up with that you wish you wouldn’t?⁣ #MadeforBrave

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