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A Quiet Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve is turning out to be a lot quieter than we planned...

Instead of baking cookies, visiting family, & going to church yesterday... we were cooped up at home, tending to a sick kiddo & being super low-key.

Instead of rocking around the Christmas tree, I spent a large chunk of time sitting on the floor of the bathroom next to our oldest.

Instead of whipping up cookie recipes, Jay & I have spent hours teaming up to find & employ the perfect all-natural stain remover for our carpets.

But, I’m really not that bummed.

Because, I’ve already learned this lesson.

Five years ago, I had a very similar holiday experience. Christmas was particularly quiet. You see... my husband, Nick, was very very sick.

But he didn’t have a virus, like my five-year-old does now. He had cancer. Cleaning carpets, cuddling on the bathroom floor, & rampant prayers for healing were all commonplace.

In the 15 months leading up to Christmas 2013, I’d gotten REALLY good at learning how to count my blessings instead of focusing on the things that weren’t going to plan.

I didn’t think about the fact that Nick was in hospice at 27. Or that our first Christmas as a family of three would also be our last.

I focused on the fact that he MADE it to the 25th. I meditated on the miracle that was our nine month old baby girl. I focused on the light in our life, the roof over our head, Gods word in my heart, and the love and prayers from around the world that we felt.

I counted our blessings. And then I RECOUNTED so I could find some more.

This year... my blessings are too numerous to count.

We are keeping our germs to ourself for one more day but so excited that one of those blessings includes Austyn waking up this morning fever free & back to her bouncy self!!

There’s literally nothing more I could ask for this year!!

Hold your loved ones close. Squeeze them tight. No matter what your Christmas looks like. Please know, you can count your blessings & it will be alright. 💕

#MadeforBrave AlyssaGalios .com/book 📷: Tiffany Danielle Photography

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