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Starting to Sink in

It’s all finally starting to sink in... It’s so insane to think... “we started at the bottom now we here.” But seriously!!!

What a whirlwind fantastic year 2018 was!! With the book project, the baby & doubling the impact of our team, you’d think we’d be just begging for a break but honestly, I JUMP out of bed SO EXCITED to be doing this work. (Tho my leap out of sleep is sometimes a little later than normal because: hello nine month sleep regression. 😘) This week, we’ve been OFFICIALLY celebrating our ELITE status for our online coaching fit biz. TO THINK that the best is still to come!! And to think there are still so many more leaders out there like us who have yet to find our team (( I see you boo )).✨

Bubbling over with GRATITUDE today for the incredible people we get to share this life with & the coaches on our team who are the reason ripple effects like this possible. 💕

& CHEERS to ALL of YOU in this online community for being on this journey with me. So many of you have been here from the beginning, before I even found my health & I just can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support!! You guys are the DANG BEST!!! 😍

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