You’re my Person

Entrepreneur life is TOUGH. Parenting WHILE running a business WHILE trying to publish a book? Y’all should just stick a fork in me... I’m DONE!!

But, really, this cray life is NOT for the faint of heart. And it’s NOT for an island either. I used to be SO BAD at group projects, you guys. But, if this life and this business has taught me anything, it’s that you NEED other people to succeed.

Which brings me to my next point... I’m SO OBSESSIVELY GRATEFUL for the people that surround me. I know for a FACT God has lined things up so that we have the exact community around us to achieve the things He has placed on our hearts for 2019 & we couldn’t be more grateful.

As for this guy... His commitment to our family, to this community, to our coaches, our team & our customers, to my book. It’s unwavering. It’s incredible. And... it’s UNMATCHED. Special shout out to you, babe, for being such an exceptional business partner, an incredible dad & an amazing husband.

Jay Galios, you’re my person!! And I’m just lucky, LUCKY me. 💕