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One Small YES

“You gotta be INSANE!!”⁣ My head used to scream at me, whenever I thought about it. “What makes you think you deserve anything MORE than this?” ⁣ I was already running my own content creation business but I wasn’t passionate about the content I was creating. I was already working from home but it was lonely as heck. I was blogging everyday but what I really wanted was to write a book. And though I lost my first husband to cancer, I still had my little girl... to be honest, being widowed at 26 years old meant I didn’t even DREAM of having a family again.⁣ But, something inside of me kept asking... “Is this it?!?!” For the longest time, I shut that voice out. I shut her up. I told her to sit her butt down & be content. But, then I got curious. Just. Maybe...⁣ I still can barely fathom how the pieces came together. It’s like nothing made sense at all & then almost everything made sense at once. ⁣ I had no idea that my search for health would lead me to a community of women that would become some of my best friends. #coachlife I had no clue that the dude I despised from my late husband’s past would come across my path & light it up in ways I could have never imagined before. #boodup I had no idea I could turn a fit tribe I was so dang passionate about into a business that actually supported me. #Mompreneur Then, the TIME I gained from this endeavor would allow me to simultaneously grow & birth ANOTHER human all while writing my first book. #MadeforBraveBook Isn’t it crazy to think that one small YES can shift your life in ways you could never have imagined?? ⁣ I’m so glad I didn’t keep saying no to my dreams. I’m so glad I kept going on the days it felt impossible. I’m so glad I decided it was worth it to KEEP. TRYING. ⁣ Because all of that landed me here... at IKEA in the middle of the weekday, with my second husband and our beautiful-mashed-up-sewn-together fam-of-four, picking out some furniture for our home office & pinching ourselves asking “HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE?!”⁣ Remember friend, if the dream is in you... then THE DREAM IS FOR YOU! 💕⁣ #MadeforBrave

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