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Weird Belly Button

“Why does your belly button look so messed up??” ⁣ This was an ACTUAL comment on one of my pictures just months after I gave birth to my second child. 😳⁣ And it was from a WOMAN. Here’s the thing... I know my belly button looks pretty weird, especially when you get up close. I also know that I’ve got an inordinate amount of stretch marks in places that are covered by a swimsuit. But y’all, this body produced LIFE... It was SWOLLEN with life! Huge, aching, precious, stretching, beautiful life!! ⁣ No matter if you’ve housed another human or not, our bodies are swelling with all the things that make us who we are. And we should NEVER be ashamed. Even when, & especially when, people make asinine comments about how they think we ought to be. 💕⁣ While I used to let derogatory remarks about my looks get to me (like that one time a friend told me my feet were the weirdest ones she’d ever seen or that other time somebody said my forehead was much too big or when that dude said I had sausage fingers or when a stranger said my face was lopsided or that time a boy said I was too flat)... I don’t let those things sit with me anymore. Because, here’s the thing. I’m not SUPPOSED to look like the cover of an airbrushed magazine. And. Neither. Are. You. ⁣ EVEN AS an online fitness coach, I don’t go to insane lengths to make sure I look perfect in every picture. ⁣ In fact, leading up to this retreat, where I knew we were doing a photo shoot with a professional photographer, I didn’t even TRY to keep my nutrition on lockdown. Why?? Because while I FIRMLY believe in taking care of my body, I ALSO know to my core that life is too dang short to LIVE for what this earthly body looks like. That’s why I follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I eat according to one of our incredible nutrition plans. 20% of the time, I eat for fun. And you know what? It WORKS for me & my weird belly button. ⁣ So find what works for you. Find what makes YOU feel more like YOU. ⁣ If that’s rewarding yourself with a sprinkle-covered-donut every Friday, carrying five babies to full term, or drinking celery juice every morning, that’s great!! 🍩 ⁣ Or, if that’s wearing a sports bra & showing off your weird belly button & your squishy-from-one-too-many-wine-nights-with-your-girlfriends that’s okay, too. 👙 ⁣ Just do you, boo. Pay no mind to the haters... they probably have weird toes anyway. #MadeforBrave #MadeforBraveBook

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