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Heard of Pinterest?!

You know PINTEREST??

Back when Pinterest popped out, being a “Pinterest mom” was totally a thing. It basically meant that you were so good at “momming” that you could go online and post little snapshots or recommendations or things about your life, for all the world to see ( & a bunch of moms try to emulate 😬).

I’ve NEVER been a Pinterest mom.

I’m more of an Instagram mom.... meaning, I get stuff wrong A LOT. So instagram stories is much more my jam. Plus my mistakes are only there for 24 hours.

No, but seriously. I get down & dirty with some of the things I’m less than proud of in the #MadeforBraveBook. Why?? Because I truly think there is BEAUTY in the breakdown. I believe there are MIRACLES amongst our messes.

You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. You don’t have to have your ish together to be worthy of love. And just because you don’t feel certain doesn’t mean that you aren’t Right Where You Are Supposed To Be. 💕

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