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I. Believe. In. You. ⁣

I mean... *I* KNOW you are powerful, beautiful, brilliant & brave. But, if you’re anything like I used to be, you probably DO NOT wake up *feeling* that way. ⁣ So, how do you show up in these ways when it doesn’t feel true? You start with one #BraveMove. ⁣ For me, a lot of BELIEVING this about myself started with getting my mornings in order. If I started out in charge of the first hour of my day... if I worked out & moved my body so that I could feel strong (aka. my kind of beautiful)... if I could prove to myself that I could show up even on the days I didn’t want to... it was THEN that I started believing I was #MadeforBrave too. ⁣ It might be easy for you to think I’m some magical unicorn, but you have to remember, I didn’t start out thinking I was any of these things either. ⁣ Lying on the floor of my bathroom, bawling my eyes out, asking God why He took the only man who had ever loved me... I felt the exact OPPOSITE. Powerless, ugly, foolish & scared out of my DANG mind. ⁣ How did I pick myself up off that floor? More of the details are in my book... set to release this late summer. Because, the hope I took from other stories is part of how I made it through. ⁣ And, I believe my story is one that’s worth being told. ⁣ Start with ONE #BraveMove my friend. What can YOU commit to doing? COMMIT publicly below!! Need help brainstorming? Or want extra accountability? I’ve been there, girl. ⁣ And, whether or not you believe in yourself, just know this... I. Believe. In. You. ⁣ Because if I could find a way to believe in myself after all the crap I pulled, then YOU can ABSOLUTELY pull this off. 😍⁣ #BraveTalk #MadeforBraveBook #MadeforBrave

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