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Consider Yourself BLESSED

😭😱😍 Nick’s video now has over 102,000,000 views worldwide.

ONE HUNDRED AND TWO MILLION!!! Do you want to know WHY I think his story has traveled so far and continues to be shared? This ONE word: BLESSED. ⁣ My husband got really sick. Like really, really sick... His cancer, previously in remission, came back with a vengeance when I was 15 weeks pregnant with our baby. ⁣ Yet, when he was at his worst, the one word he used to describe how he felt? BLESSED. ⁣ No matter what circumstance, what situation, or what predicament you find yourself in today, you can look for the good too. You can count the miracles all around you (( like the fact that you’re breathing - there’s one to get you started 😘 )) & consider yourself BLESSED, too. ⁣ It’s your choice. Choose wisely. The words you use have the power to change not just your world & your own perspective, but the world’s, too. 💕⁣ MADEFORBRAVE .COM/BOOK⁣ #MadeforBraveBook

Photo by: TAustin Photography

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