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God of Unconditional Love

I remember feeling uncomfortable anytime I heard the word “church” or “religion.” My past experiences as a child deterred me from even being interested in exploring my faith. My perception of who God is was skewed because of religious people that took things out of context. I thought I had to jump through a series of hoops to be loved by our creator.

After years of treading the waters of agnosticism and struggling to find inner peace, I began a spiritual journey of my own to find the truth instead of relying on the opinions of others. I stopped allowing my past experiences to hinder me from a life God called me to live. Finally, I came to a place where I discovered Love. And my entire life flipped right-side up. The God I thought I knew was actually quite different than the one I came to find.

Today, I continue to dig deeper to unravel the ways of Jesus. He transformed my life and continues to everyday. I found hope in the God of unconditional love; the extraordinary Creator that desires to have a relationship with each and every one of us. I don’t think I’ll ever have all the answers, but that doesn’t mean I will ever stop trying to find them.

All of our journeys are different, no two look the same. My wife’s journey is different too. After losing her first husband to cancer, her faith was shaken around & taken down as she had to go through a journey of devastating loss to discover infinite hope.

From one person who has questioned the existence of God, His goodness, & who He really is to another, I highly recommend you enter your email address at the link below. We are going to announce the fast-approaching release date soon & this book could be the link to the hope you’ve been looking for.

Madeforbrave .com/book

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