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My Heart is SO Full

Overwhelmed with GRATEFULNESS. 😍😭

We celebrated the girls’ birthdays this last weekend (( Em turns 1 and Austyn turns 6 while all four of us are on the Bahamas cruise courtesy of Beachbody!!)) with a little party with family and a few close friends and it’s just hitting me how far I’ve come since Austyn turned one almost exactly five years ago.

Five years ago, I was in SO MUCH PAIN: Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually.

I was fighting my auto immune disease with no hope for a cure. I felt weak. I’d just lost my husband. I felt loss. I didn’t know if I could believe in God anymore. I felt abandoned. I’m so grateful right now for our Fit Tribes, for what Gods done in my life through my hardships, for what incredible things I know are ahead... my heart could DANG explode...

Don’t worry, MUCH MORE about the actual girls to come on their respective actual birthdays... Just wanted to share these pics & remember this day.

Heart. So. Full.

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