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Partner with Our Creator

FAITH is something I had as a kid & something I lost as a young adult. I started giving God the side eye when things started slipping out of my control, when I felt exposed & unprotected.

Then things really started spiraling... first with an incurable mystery illness that forced me to drop out of school, then with my parents’ divorce, with my first pregnancy landing in a miscarriage & the last straw when my husband & best friend was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

I. Couldn’t. Understand. It. I couldn’t rectify the wrongs. I couldn’t answer the millions of ‘WHYS’ floating around inside my head.

What’s crazy is, the hope I found meant... I didn’t have to. WE don’t have to rectify wrongs. WE don’t have to know all the answers.

If we are willing to partner with our Creator & trust Him with our past, He can bring it all - the broken parts, the bruised up wishes, the severed dreams - together for GOOD.

HALF of the battle though? Just believing it’s *possible.* ✨

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