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Eight Weeks!

EIGHT WEEKS & I’m posting my first bump pic, post workout! To sum it up so far, this pregnancy has been NUTS!! Jay & I were excited to try to add one more to our little family of four & while we didn’t think it would happen quite this fast, we’ve been THRILLED from the get-go! We didn’t expect such a roller coaster to get to just 8 weeks in though! From *knowing* inherently that I was pregnant after just one WEEK to finally getting a positive pregnancy test at 4 weeks, to having a touch & go ultrasound at 5 weeks to FINALLY getting to see the little bean’s heartbeat at 7 weeks... it’s all been all sorts of ups & downs but I’m oh-so-thankful I’ve gotten to practice leaning into my Faith. God can use our worst fears & our greatest worries to bring us closer to Him, if we let Him! 😍 Our little #babynumber3 is 8 weeks & even at just the size of a raspberry, he or she is kicking up some crazy side effects. Extreme fatigue, nausea, & constantly feeling out of breath but it’s not stopping me from making this my healthiest pregnancy yet! ⁣ Giving birth to Emery just 13 months ago was SO amazing because I was SO ready to have her. I prepared for that day, every day of my pregnancy, physically & mentally with 30 min workouts designed for every trimester & it definitely paid off in the end! I’m determined to do the same thing this time!! You might as well know now that every bump update will also be a post workout sweaty selfie. So thankful for my fit tribe that keeps me going on days I’d rather sleep all afternoon on the couch!! ⁣ Oh, & if you can’t read the board, Dad is SUPER READY to know if baby is a boy or a girl! He wants to know if he’s going to have to endure another infusion of all things pink in our already very girlie home. 😝 ⁣ Don’t worry though, we are both just so excited for EITHER gender - no matter what! I just feel so blessed I get to be a mom again. After two rainbow babies, there’s no greater gift I’ve found in this world. #MadeforBrave #GaliosHouse #BabyG

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