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Building Our Lives

We’ve been building. ⁣ Raising up our babies, building up our house into a home, and putting down roots. ⁣ Our life might not look conventional in any sense of the word... that’s because it isn’t. I threw out conventional a long time ago.⁣ Because instead of building my life around a 9-5, or society’s constructs, or what my great grandmother might have thought was appropriate... I’m doing my best to build my life, my home, my family around one central truth. We are trying our hardest to raise everything up from a foundation of LOVE.⁣ I built another life once before... what feels like a lifetime ago. I had a house. A dog. A husband. A baby on the way. And then suddenly, I didn’t. ⁣ That past life reminds me to grab hold of this one with both hands and simultaneously reminds me to hold on loosely, only ever really reaching for what can last forever. ⁣ We are all building our lives on top of something. Some people build their lives on worry, or striving, or anger, or other people’s opinions. Be careful what you build yours on, my friend. ⁣ What you think matters right now rarely matters in eternity. & the eternal source of love is waiting to give you that rock solid foundation you’ve always been searching for. Lean in, ask for help.⁣ You’re going to be building something anyway. Why not make it GREAT? ⁣ Matthew 7:24⁣ #MadeforBrave

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