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Ten Weeks!?

T E N W E E K S !! On one hand, I can’t believe how fast time has flown. On the other, this already feels like the #longestpregnancyever because I knew I was pregnant on Day 6! ⁣ When train-wreck-like fatigue hit this mama, I knew I’d felt it before... 🚂😴Everything’s going as smooth as can be expected!! Still dealing with morning nausea & constantly feeling like I need a nap. But OVERLY GRATEFUL for the reason behind it all. The only feeling rivaling my tired & my thankful is my H U N G E R. If you’re looking for something to do, just drop off large boxes of fruit at my front door. 😜 ⁣ Oh yeah, & I should probably mention for any of you who missed it... we found out #babynumber3 is a G I R L on Saturday!! I get to hold onto my #girlmomtitle after all! 💗💗💕 ⁣ #bumpupdate #tenweekspregnant #10weekspregnant

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