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Failure is Part of the Journey

If you follow me on IG stories, you know by now that my favorite place to work basically spring through fall is our back deck. I love soaking up the sunshine & fresh air while I’m working on my latest project, writing or checking in with our fit tribes. ⁣ You want to know what’s nuts? I wouldn’t ever have gotten the chance to work from home (or bring my husband home from his corporate job for that matter) if I didn’t decide it was okay if I “failed”... a BUNCH.⁣ It’s the START that stops most people, my friends. They are so afraid of failure, of not measuring up, of what they might not accomplish... they don’t even start. But you want to know the craziest thing? The ones who never fail aren’t to be envied. It means they’ve never done anything worth really trying for. ⁣It means they probably haven’t dreamed. Failure is a part of the journey. You have to be a beginner if you ever hope to become a master. You have to lean into courage & taking the next step, even when you can’t see exactly where the path leads. ⁣ I ALMOST DIDN’T try to get my health on track again because I had failed so many times before. ⁣ I ALMOST DIDN’T start this online business because I was afraid people wouldn’t understand what I do. ⁣ I ALMOST DIDN’T get married a second time because my first husband died what felt like immediately after we said I do. ⁣ YOU are going to fail. Not everyone is going to understand your life or your choices. And love is ALWAYS a risk. ⁣ But, let me tell you, if you can LEAN IN to the fear. If you can remember you were made for this, you were made to do hard things... then there’s no failure that won’t eventually lead you to success. ⁣ Remember, it’s not so much about the end goal...Its about the person you become along the way to achieving it. ⁣ #MadeforBraveCoaching #MadeforBrave

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