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TWO Exciting Announcements!

Okay y’all! It’s time!! I've got TWO fun announcements for you... and before you go jumping to conclusions... no, we aren't having twins! 😂

For the last month, I’ve had to be patient, be silent and be still as far as the book goes... And y’all know how much I just *love* waiting! HA!

While I still can’t give you ALL the details on this EXCITING bit of news (this industry doesn’t move half as fast as I’d like), I *CAN* tell you that God moves in crazy mysterious and amazing ways and He's moving BIG right now!!

We've got an EXCITING new opportunity with the book and it's been so incredible to watch Him work behind-the-scenes!! While this AWESOME new opportunity has also come with a postponed release date, don't you dare worry because God's timing is ALWAYS better than our own!

Speaking of behind-the-scenes, that brings me to announcement #2!! Jay and I have been hard at work at a special project, too! We are SO DANG EXCITED to announce that we are in the process of launching a #MadeforBrave apparel line!! I've been getting emails and messages requesting shirts and tanks and hoodies for years now and y'all know how much of a fan I am of wearing apparel that speaks your heart!

This won't be some run of the mill stuff, we are working with top designers and curating some incredible pieces that you will absolutely LOVE!! It's time to tell the world you know you were made to do hard things, that you're Made for Brave, too & there's no better way to do it than this!!

Stay tuned for updates on the line and expect to be able to snag all of your favorites before the end of THIS MONTH!! 😀

I am so dang thankful for this community's love & support & couldn't be more grateful for this little online family of ours that we get to share these fun things with!!

But, now it's your turn!! Tell me! What are TWO things that you're excited about? (Is it these two things above?! #superfan) Or, something of your own?

NO matter what it is, I would love to hear what you're excited for in your life?! Even if the blessing isn't quite here yet... even if its something as "simple" as your bouquet of peonies blooming (this would have been my #3) or your toddler attempting to potty train (nothing simple about that)!

CAN'T WAIT to hear from YOU!

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