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You're Beautiful!!

Kids are so different &, if you’re a parent or an aunt or a friend to more than one, you know it. But, does that mean you love any one of them any less? No. Does that mean you compare your kids to each other? No. ⁣ You accept their differences, embracing them even because in many cases those things that make them different also make them WHO THEY ARE. ⁣ My friend, tell me why then... WHY do you do these horrible things to yourself? WHY do you compare yourself to others?⁣ So often, I think we look at our own personalities or differences (or #enneagram) & wish we were something else. We compare ourselves to what we see in the people around us or the highlight reels we see in these little squares, & instead of embracing & loving what makes us different, instead of being thankful for the way God made us, flaws & all... we wish them away. ⁣ It’s not necessarily about self-love, y’all... it’s about BIG TRUST. It’s about trusting the One who created you... trusting full well that He always knew and knows the best ways to use your “flaws” for His glory. You’re unique. You’re different. You’re not airbrushed to perfection. And, you’re beautiful!! Don’t forget it!! ⁣ #MadeforBrave

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