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BABY BUMP UPDATE!! 14 WEEEKS!! This little nugget (or should I say “naval orange” 🍊) is already so loved, you guys! it’s unreal!! ⁣ It blows my mind how your soul can love another that you haven’t even met yet but we are already so anxiously awaiting her arrival even though we still have months & months to go! I still can’t believe we get the blessing of adding a third girl to our gang! I’m absolutely blown away by the JOY!! 💕⁣ Also, I’ve felt her kick three times now! The first time just four days ago, &, if anything, those kicks have just made her even MORE real! 😍 ⁣ I never felt Austyn near this early but I remember feeling Em’s sweet kicks about this time just two years ago, which were the kicks right around the time God stirred my heart to start working on my book again!! And now, here we are just weeks away from my FINALLY getting to share an update with YOU!! In other news & if you’ve made it reading this far, I need YOUR HELP!! We’ve known little #Babynumber3 is another girl for going on a month but we still don’t have a name & I no longer want to call her #BabyGirlNumber3. ⁣ Looking for a few more ideas to see if there are any I haven’t come across in the endless lists of names out there! 😋 ⁣ What name do you think might be a good one for a little sister of #AustynElizabeth & #EmeryRose?? #MadeforBrave

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