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Answering the Most Asked Question

“Wait... how far along are you?” I’ve been getting this question a lot the last few weeks & I’m assuming it’s because of this BADUMPABUMP!! So I thought I’d answer this question loud & clear for anyone who might be pregnant as well & wondering... exactly how big SHOULD your #16weekspregnant bump be?? ⁣ The answer... whatever size it IS. Some women are barely starting to show at 16 weeks. Others (like me) have bumps that are taking center stage. It all depends on height, body type, what kind of pregnancy you’re having & whether it’s your first, second or fifth! In my opinion, your bump or bump-to-be is beautiful either way!!⁣ And this #pregnancynumber5 (two of my wee babes are in heaven), #babynumber3 BUMP for me is proving to take the spotlight! 😍⁣ Did you know pregnant women burn more calories lying down than everyone else does RUNNING?! How incredible is that! My body is sure owning the fact! I’ve been oh so tired & oh so hungry but all the extra trips to costco & extra naps I know will be absolutely worth it in the end!!😍 I’ve felt little Miss kick BIG multiple times today & the joy of the little flutters makes my heart soar! We are just so excited to meet this little girl!! ⁣ In other news, @j_galios has us starting to research bigger vehicles! We already have the Highlander but with soon to be three car seats & all those trips to Costco... we might just turn into a minivan family. 😂 I would never think I saw the day... TBA on if we actually will. I just can’t find one that doesn’t look like a small submarine.

For those of you with larger families (we usually run errands as a fam which we are hoping to continue with #babygirlnumber3 on board)... What vehicle works for you? #GaliosHouse #MadeforBrave

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