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Little Fingers & Toes

CONFIRMED!! Baby Galios #3 is a GIRL!! 💯

We saw it (or the lack thereof 😂) today with our own eyes, proving the blood test we had done at a midwives center at 9 weeks along correct! ✔️ 19 WEEK ANATOMY ULTRASOUND today meant we got to count fingers & toes, see her Brave little heart beat & watch her squirm all around!! Baby girl #3 is checking out perfectly!! Measuring a few days ahead like her sisters... & full of tons of energy... like her sisters. 😂

I’ve been holding back tears ever since the appointment, you guys. What a MIRACLE life is!! Last time we saw this little one, she was just a little peanut! At 9 weeks, we could see her heart beating, her fingers forming, the shape of her head & that sweet curve of her spine! And now just 10 weeks later, she’s just a perfect mini human! 😍

I’m SO IN LOVE already you guys! It’s insane. I feel so blessed to get to be a mom to these three precious girls. Hi journey has not been easy & y’all know I’ve suffered more losses than probably anyone else can count... but DANG seeing miracles like this, makes it ALL worth it!✨😭 So excited to keep sharing the journey with you!!!

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