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Prayers Welcome

Can y'all do me a favor and pray for my incredible girl?

Tomorrow, Austyn has surgery. It's a small-ish procedure. She has to get her tonsils & adenoids out & will have exploratory surgery on her sinuses at the same time. She's had breathing issues (you might remember from previous posts) since she was 9 months old.

I've been putting this off since she was about two & trying EVERYTHING natural & every other possibility & though we've been able to make some serious strides with her, nothing has worked well enough to stop her sporadic nighttime "attacks." But the doctor's think this procedure WILL!

They are biopsying her tonsils, adenoids, & lymph nodes because they are so big. "Not a big deal," the Doctor shrugs. "I'm sure it's all perfectly fine."

I'm BELIEVING right along with you, Doc.

I've been praying almost every day of her life for COMPLETE healing and I'm believing all of this has just been normal tonsil problems.

Every past hospital surgery experience in my life involved cancer with Nick. I don't want to take away from any of the prayers you have for my baby girl but if you have an extra second to send out calming vibes for this momma, I would absolutely appreciate it. 😬

I'll try to update y'all as I can (reminder that I'm always hanging on IG these days @alyssagalios). It's a short procedure & should be in & out.

Oh & any mamas out there with TIPS for recovery? PLEASE drop any & all below! 💕

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