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A Belly Full of JOY!

22 WEEKS!!! How could something the size of a bell pepper bring so much JOY?! Little baby girl is 11 inches long & over a pound. She can grip, touch, sense light & she can hear everything going on! (& she kicks constantly in response to our voices!) 😍⁣ This last week has been a trying one as far as sleep goes between having a basketball for a stomach & Austyn’s surgery recovery (today is Day 5 & it’s supposed to get worse before it gets better.)⁣ BUT - Both Baby Daddy & I are feeling soo grateful for the flexibility that goes with running our own business at home. Sleeping in & still being able to spend as much time with these Littles as they need is a dream. & y’all! 22 WEEKS!! That means just FOUR months to go!! Within these next four months, Jay & I have a long weekend getaway planned in sunny Arizona, thanks to Beachbody & our incredible friends & family who are helping with the kids. 🌴 ⁣ And then... Jay Bae Bae booked us a trip to Hawaii in October!! A nine day long family trip on the beach JUST before the book launches!! 😍⁣ I feel SO PREGNANT already & I can imagine I’ll feel HUGE in Hawaii! (just like last time 😂) & so far it’s looking like I’ll need to do a little bathing suit shopping before the trip comes... I could just go for a bikini, they definitely have room enough for this big ole belly! But I will want to look into maternity suits too!! Anybody have any suggestions for the best place to buy a new bathing suit these days?! Maternity or otherwise?! 👙⁣ #BabyGirlGalios #BabyGirlNumber3

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