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Blue Eyes Wide OPEN!

FOLKS! We are dreaming with our EYES. WIDE. OPEN!! 🙊 Remember how Emery’s right eye wouldn’t open all the way?? Now... Ready to hear somethin CRAZY AWESOME?! 😍 The pediatric eye specialist told us to expect Emery’s eye to take 6 months to a year to clear up. The ducts in her sinuses weren’t large enough to clear so she had a large swollen lump under her right eye, forcing it closed. Even WIDE AWAKE, we could hardly see the whites of her eye.🔬 But the day AFTER I posted on social media, telling y’all of the diagnosis, & sharing the uncertainty we’d faced in the days before... Little Miss woke up, we wiped an insane amount of ick from her eye, & we saw BOTH of our beautiful babe’s big peepers staring out at us!! ✨ The doctor warned us that the problem can recur & that it might be something we need to deal with again in the future. But, HECK, that Doc don’t know a THING about the tribe of good vibe warriors we’ve got!! 🙌🏼 Em, 17 days old, & taking in the world with her EYES WIDE OPEN. 💕 FOREVER GRATEFUL. 🙏🏼 #EmeryRose #GaliosHouse #BabyBrave


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