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AGAIN, God has come through in a COMPLETELY unexpected way. I prayed for friends, for truth, for career direction and PEOPLE connection... Then I placed it in Gods hands, trusted Him to figure it out and randomly (and seemingly unrelated) decided to try a Fitness Challenge. What has come from this ONE 3 Week Challenge is NOTHING short of a miracle and ANSWER to all of those prayers!! ❤️ ----- Let me tell you something CRAY... I NEVER imagined that I would gain FRIENDS LIKE THIS from a fitness challenge group. NEVER EVER. I DID NOT for a second think that a group of "fitness coaches" could be REAL or RAW or DEEP. NOT A CHANCE. BUT, you know what's happened? At a time in my life where I've been DYING to make REAL connections with REAL people, I have found an INSANELY amazing group of people who "get" me. Who ACCEPT me. Who LOVE me. And SUPPORT me. Most of this is done online... But then, I've had the chance to meet so many of these people in REAL LIFE and they are TRUE AND TRUE. We know so much about each other already.... Our hopes, dreams, goals, weaknesses, strengths, worries, fears, and our hearts. We share in the day to day already so when we get the chance to SQUEEZE each other for real and the chance to break bread together (or dip tortilla chips in guac together... same, same...) I get GIDDY every time. Thank you, Lord, for your unexpected graces from UNEXPECTED places. I can't get over the crazy ways that you work!! And, friends that have become FAMILY to me, I just can't get over YOU. 💕❤️👏🏼

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