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When Easter Means MORE...

It's impossible to overstate our need for something BIGGER than ourselves.

Does that need automatically cancel out the VALIDITY of a Savior?

This was my question not too many years ago. One that I wrestled with on many far-too-early mornings, throughout the days &, after, for countless hours into the dark. The questions CONSUMED me.

Did we make up "God" because we NEED Him?

< OR >

Do we seek God because, deep down, we already KNOW He is there?

TRUTH was ALL that I was concerned with.

NOT some made up story to make humanity feel better.

No. DEFINITELY not that.

It took me a cumulation of near three decades in experiences & two years of questioning everything I thought I had believed.

& in the end, the TRUTH of it all shown brighter, CLEARER, LOUDER than ANYTHING I have ever seen.

>> Jesus IS real. <<

&& this whole Easter story... isn't really a *story* at all.

The confusion lies, mainly I think, in the distance.

Most people don't understand the complexities of our oceans & what makes them so important. But, that doesn't mean that it's not real or important information.

The same is true of Christ.

Most of us have a long way to go in discovering the intricacies of His beautiful personality & the love story He wrote for each of us. If you want to get to know someone, though, you'll HAVE to get CLOSER, you'll have to pull IN.

The gravity on my heart orbits me closer towards my Creator most every day. The hands that formed me, the breath that fills me, the very magic that brought me to life... it IS an O C E A N.

He gently PULLS me in, & in my childish defiance, I often push Him away. He is strong & DEEP & can take my mistakes.

But, UNLIKE the ocean, I know that HE is ALWAYS on my side.

CAN you imagine KNOWING that an ocean has your back?

Even better, can you imagine knowing the ruler of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE has your back?

Yeah... it's pretty freaking INCREDIBLE.

I'm SOOOOO INSANELY THANKFUL for the connection we have to this Universe, the connection we have to the definition of LOVE.

Happy Easter, my friends.

TODAY is a day to C E L E B R A T E!!

For our past is dead & gone, but our future... is EVERYTHING!! Because:


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