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Number 242!!


Our team is currently ranking as #242 out of a network of over 450,000 coaching teams!! SERIOUSLY!!!!


Out of over 450 THOUSAND?!?!


This hasn't come without a lot of hard work, but I'm telling you, as much SUCCESS as this has already seen...

I CANNOT even BELIEVE how dang FULFILLING it is!! #sodangthankful

Seriously: CUP. FULL. ☕️

I get to stay healthy, help other people be happy, shoot for the stars, work with my hubby, stay home with my daughter, make enough to live & GIVE as big as we like AND, I get to help other people build their OWN TEAMS, teaching them everything I know & everything we've done.

Which has turned out to be #thebestpart.

My FAMILY is in a totally different place now than one year ago, we are stronger physically, spiritually, mentally & FINANCIALLY... & I couldn't be more grateful to be paying ALLL DAT forward! 😍

If you're thinking that ANY of this could help you out, if you're just looking to lose weight or if you KNOW your life was meant for something greater than it is now, shoot me a message & let's chat.

You NEVER know which decision might change the course of EVERYTHING. ✨

After a weekend of CRAY celebrations (because hubby's joining our team FULL TIME & because EASTER #duh)... looks like we have something ELSE to celebrate!!

Good thing we still have some champs left. 🤗🎉🥂🍾🙏🏼😂

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