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Galios House

TOTALLY FINE. I don't mind being asked about our fam. NOT AT ALL. Curiosity is natural.

But, every once in a while, it seems a recap might do some good. 😜

EVERY family has a story... welcome to OURS:

Jay & I have been madly in love for not even two years. But, we've known each other for ten (another lifetime, y'all).

The story of how *WE* came to be will, someday, be a love story for the masses. I have no doubts. 🥂

Austyn Elizabeth, our daughter, is FOUR. Her biological daddy (my first husband) & I were together for 6 years & we loved HARD & fought cancer HARDER.

In the end, neither our love or our fight saved him... he passed away when she was 9 months old. ❤️

Jay adopted Austyn officially last year, about six months after our wedding. He loved us two girls so much that he gave us his name. ☺️

NO. Jay & I don't have any other children ON this planet. But I've miscarried two. One with my late husband Nick &, this past October, Jay & I lost one.

I like to believe Nick's taking care of my two babes in Heaven now while Jay & I care for Austyn here. Makes me smile every time. ✨

YES. Jay & I do SOOO want more kids.

No, we haven't given up hope. 🙏🏼

YES, we are trying!!

BUT, we are also MASSIVELY open to the other possibilities God may have for our family like adoption (which has been on my DESIRABLE list since I was a teen). ✌🏼

We both work from HOME, running our own health & fitness online coaching company called Made for Brave Fitness. We help people reach their health goals, proactively fight future disease (#fcancer), & we mentor others on how to build their OWN online fit businesses. 💃🏻

Our passion level for what we do fluctuates on the daily, but on a scale of 1-10, it's normally up around... FIVE THOUSAND. 🤗👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

➡️ I believe that every family's story matters.

➡️ I believe that those our families have lost (whether by choice, accident or design) will always be a part of us.

➡️ I know that family doesn't always mean blood & I've started to fall in LOVE with the messiness of that. The REALNESS. The RAW.

Life isn't perfect & neither a

re our families. But just because it isn't perfect, doesn't mean it's not BEAUTIFUL. ❤️

So, yeah... there you have it. 😘

Our story might not be traditional.

It's DEFINITELY not what people would assume if you saw us walking around at Target. 🙈 #almosterrryday

It might not be a story that a lot of people would be comfortable sharing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But, it's OURS. 😍

& I wouldn't trade it for the world. 🌎

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